What is an electric cooperative?

An electric cooperative is a nonprofit, consumer-owned utility that distributes electricity to rural areas at the most reasonable price.

What causes my lights to blink?

When your lights blink it’s a safe bet that some object has come into contact with the power lines leading to your residence. Often the problem can be traced to tree limbs, birds, squirrels, or even lightning. Regardless of the source, when contact is made, the power line senses a problem, sending the utility’s safety equipment into operation. This special equipment shuts down the power, just for an instant, in order to allow the problem on the line to clear itself. If this does not occur, the safety equipment will interrupt the power several more times, continuing the attempt to clear the line of any foreign objects. Once, this brief process has been completed, one of two things will happen. Either the normal flow of electric current will resume, or a real, more lengthy power outage will occur. If the latter occurs, a crew will be dispatched to clear the problem.

Where can I get help paying my electric bill?

Assistance is available through Southwest Human Resource Agency at 731-645-5739, 731-989-5111 or 1 800-372-6013 and Jesus Cares in Selmer at 731- 645-3488.

How much do I pay per kwh?

Current rates are posted under My Home > Rates